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We are a boutique marketing and graphic design firm working with businesses of all sizes, from global corporations to small start-ups.


B-Graphic is owned and operated by Barbara Hicks, CPSM. While Barb does the majority of the work, she relies on a team of experts to deliver results, including the client team, photographers, videographers, and web developers. 

Look, we love what we do (just like you), but we also understand that every single marketing decision made impacts the paychecks of your employees. B-Graphic will always look out for your best interests. Our fun comes from identifying the challenge within your boundaries (if you have any), and responding creatively with the right solution, even if it means finding a third party to help you.


The name B-Graphic isn't about being "graphic" per se, it's more about using the right strategy to tell your specific story, whatever that may be. Be "graphic" about it, as in be exciting, surprising, raw, honest.




Barbara Hicks is a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) with 18 years of experience. She is an award-winning marketer and graphic designer with a special interest in creative problem solving. While working full time, Barb began a successful freelance side-business providing graphic design services to help pay her way through art school. After working for such firms as Margulies Perruzzi Architects and HOK, she took B-Graphic full time to better help clients tell their story.

Barb left her heart in Boston to join her family in Atlanta in 2015. She loves traveling, cool temperatures, bright colors, clean houses, Autumn, the outdoors, traveling, typography, and the movie-going experience.


SMPS Atlanta

  • Rockstar Member Award, 2020

  • Pacesetter Award, 2019



  • Holiday, 1st Place, 2014

  • Special Event, 2nd Place, 2014

  • Video, 1st Place, 2013



  • Holiday, 1st Place, 2014

  • People’s Choice, 2014

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign, Honorable Mention, 2014

  • Integrated Marketing Campaign, 1st Place, 2012

  • Best In Show, 2011

  • Target Market, 1st Place, 2011

  • Holiday, Honorable Mention, 2008

  • Alternative Media, 1st Place, 2007



  • Boston/Atlanta Member:2001 – Present

  • Atlanta CPSM Committee: 2017-present

  • Atlanta Professional Development Committee: 2017-2022

  • National Marketing Advisory Group: 2014-2016

  • Boston CPSM Committee: 2014

  • Boston Membership Committee: 2001-2006
  • Boston Board of Directors: 2004-2006 


  • Judge: 2023 SMPS National Marketing Communication Awards

  • Speaker: SMPS Southeast Regional Conference: Creating a New Website is Easier (and Faster, and Cheaper) Than You Think

  • Speaker: Boston Society of Architects 2022: Proposal Content - Overcoming Client "TLDR"

  • Moderator: SMPS Atlanta 2020: Creating a Website that Develops Business - A Panel Discussion

  • Speaker: SMPS Atlanta 2019: Nobody's Reading That - Developing Content for the Scanning Ey

  • Judge: 2019 Heartland Regional Conference Marketing Communication Awards

  • Judge: 2019 SMPS National Marketing Communication Awards

  • Judge: 2018 SMPS National Marketing Communication Awards

  • Speaker: SMPS 2018: Big Ideas in Small Packages - Creating Infographics

  • Speaker: NAIOP 2014: Blazing the Trail – Case Study Presentation

  • Speaker: ABX (Architecture Boston Expo) 2014: Step Outside the Box: Reimagining Corporate Communications

  • Speaker: ABX 2012: Low-Cost PR & Marketing Tactics for Small & Mid-Size Firms

  • Speaker: SMPS 2012: Building Leaders Series: Powerful Proposals - The Integration of Strategy, Graphics, and Writing

  • Judge: 2012 SMPS Boston Marketing Communication Awards

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